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Non-REM-related parasomnias

This group of NREM-related disorders, which includes confusional arousals, sleepwalking, and sleep terrors, arise as a result of incomplete arousals from deep sleep. There are recurrent episodes of incomplete awakening from sleep, Inappropriate or absent responsiveness to efforts of others to intervene or redirect the person during the episode, limited (e.g., a single visual scene) or no associated cognition or dream imagery and partial or complete amnesia for the episode.

Confusional Arousals: The episodes are characterized by mental confusion or confused behavior that occurs while the patient is in bed.

Sleepwalking: The arousals are associated with ambulation and other complex behaviors out of bed.

Sleep Terrors: The arousals are characterized by episodes of abrupt terror, typically beginning with an alarming vocalization such as a frightening scream.

Sleep Related Eating Disorder: Recurrent episodes of dysfunctional eating that occur after an arousal during the main sleep period. There is consumption of peculiar forms or combinations of food or inedible or toxic substances. Sleep related injurious or potentially injurious behaviors performed while in pursuit of food or while cooking food. There are adverse health consequences from recurrent nocturnal eating. There is partial or complete loss of conscious awareness during the eating episode, with subsequent impaired recall.