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Test your sleep

1. Tired and sleepy during the day despite getting enough sleep
2. I have trouble falling asleep for 2-5 nights a week.
3. In the evening or when I go to bed, I feel restlessness in my legs that I cannot name.
4. The idea that I cannot sleep worries me from the evening.
5. I have to constantly move my legs in bed.
6. I wake up at night with a feeling of not being able to breathe.
7. It is said that my snoring is severe enough to be heard from the side rooms.
8. It is said that my breathing stops during sleep.
9. I have to go to the toilet at least once during the night.
10. There is sweating in my head, neck or chest at night.
11. I wake up in the morning tired and with a headache.
12. I can cramp my legs at night.
13. I can fall asleep in meetings, reading or watching TV.
14. Due to sleepiness, I cannot drive for as long as before.
15. During the day, I experience unbearable sleepiness attacks from time to time.
16. I dream very often.
17. It is said that I woke up at night with screaming and fear.